still sick

I’m still really sick, but I didn’t want to miss a day of posting this early in my resolve.

I missed out on my Sunday because I was stuck in bed. I usually do lots of writing and catch-up on emails and so forth. Okay and I facebook a lot too. And daydream. (Note to self: write a post about the importance of daydreaming.)

I suppose my body needed the extra sleep though as I’m been sorely lacking.

My thought of the day was basically this: stop trying to make a master piece every day. Instead just write every day for writing’s sake, even if it never sees the light of day. Writing is my cake,  and the money I make off of articles and copy is just the icing. When the wee ones are older I can put more devotion into writing more for pay and assignments. Right now I just don’t have that flexibility to be constantly on demand from other people. Instead of beating myself over the head about that, I need to just make sure I am writing period. And be extra happy when I get an occasional check in the mail.

My second thought was that I should work hard to make myself believe the first thought!


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