well there ya have it…

I’m already a slacker! I got sick for several days, then I had to catch up, then Shabbos, then my son’s birthday party and now? Now I’m sitting here desperately trying to recall this beautiful little speech I had cataloged in my head in which I compare my love for music to my love of birds.

Of course whenever I try to recall one of these little speeches later it sounds overly rehearsed and very forced. But what can ya do? It went something like this…


I like my music like I like my birds–
free spirited and without imposition from me.
Beating of a wing or a drum,
the wind blowing through feathers and reed alike.
No regard to me watching, waiting,
peering or swaying.
Without notice of watcher, listener or crowd.

I like my birds like I like my music–
bold and colorful or quietly sure.
Soul searching, sojourning, unearthing the surface;
finding the meaty meal below.
Crowd pleasers, word teasers,
both flying high, both stopping short;
reverent always, to my need for slow.


And with that I must end because my I no longer have full reign of my eyes. Good night.


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