This is the sort of day I wish I have super powers. Actually,  I wish that every day. What I could get done with arms that moved at super speed! But honestly I’d probably just knock myself out with a jab to the face or send a poor child flying across the room when he tried to hug me. I wouldn’t call myself clumsy, but I’ve been known to run into a wall or two in my day, high on the fumes of motherhood exhaustion.


My son recently came to me saying “Mom, listen to me count in Hebrew! Uno, dos, tres…”

My dear son, why do you think we are Hispanic? Do you idolize Dora? Have our neighbors captivated you with their beautiful Cinco de Mayo decorations? Is it because I often say “por favor”?  Don’t let me crazy good Mexican menu-ordering trick you into actually thinking I know the language. I’m just really don’t want to get the wrong dish.

Until last week I was under the impression we all conversed in English, but according to him we are speaking Hebrew, so maybe it’s just that every word is Hebrew to him? Kinda like the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding? (Give me any word and I’ll show you how it’s Greek.)


My baby boy has started standing and walking along furniture. It’s cute, but mostly disastrous. There is a good reason eight month old babies aren’t supposed to be mobile yet. They are just too stupid for their own good. He pulls anything on tops of his head, eat anything off of the floor, and the best part is that when he crawls along the floor, he pulls his own pants off.  But mostly it’s cute.


I had this awesome epiphany this morning about childhood discipline and how to relate to my children better. A rush of peace came over me because I felt I had really honed in on something truly special. Kids are just little adults all caught up in their own world. Communication is truly the key to all of the arguments between my kids, and if I take the time to listen more and hand out punishments less then they would follow my example.

My train of thought was interrupted by yet another bickering showdown between two of my children and after about five minutes of trying to get them to talk it out, I gave up and sent them all to their rooms and went to the kitchen to mumble things under my breath while eating cookies.



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