I came to Whole Foods to write.  I’m with my little darlings so much that I find I need that change of location to get my brain running. I’ve tried a few other places but for some reason WFs fits best. It’s busy but not loud, and I can hide away and stare off into the distance out the window and day dream. I need to daydream when I write.


As I sat, in the midst of an email, an older lady sat down next to me. Generally people don’t speak to you if you’re on a laptop, but she was apparently unaware of this social courtesy and so she starts talking with me about this and that. I enjoy little more than getting to know a stranger for no other reason than to shoot the breeze, so it was a pleasant surprise. How much we can learn about the world and ourselves from just a few moments of chatting with someone in the park or in line at the grocery. The one thing I would love to bring back to the city  is idle chit-chat. It’s taken for granted. People are too busy with their errands and phone calls and business meetings. Chatting with a stranger just seems like a waste of time. But these little interests keep us connected to one another. They keep us human.


She told me to have a blessed day. I’m really going to try.





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