I can’t seem to write worth shit today. So here is a bunch of pictures from my weekend.

And since the awesomeness that is my iPhone WordPress app won’t let me put pictures in order with captions (WTF!?)


My five year old missing his first tooth.
My little cousin, who is now my BIG cousin.
A Nirvana lighter my husband bought me on a out “date” to the gas station, because, duh. Nirvana. (People with four kids know you have to qualify any outing together without kids as a “date”.)
My beautiful sister in law.
My daughter and my little nephew.
And my brother, dressed in my dad’s clothes and dish gloves, helping my husband fix the septic pump at my mom’s. (He would probably kill me for posting this. But, he doesn’t bother reading anything I write, so it’s all good.)

I’m sure you can figure that all out.










Pictures I didn’t post:
My 2 year old biting his cousin on the foot because he was a manaiaclly, overly tired toddler.
My husband’s buttcrack hanging out while he fixed the pump.
The huge, red zit on my nose that made me feel like Rudolf.


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