Like You

I’m your eyes when you can’t see
I’m all that’s left of what you gave me
However long that I still breathe
I know now that I will never be free

I’m your heart now that you can’t love
I’m the memories of who you gave up
I’m all the bad still left inside
And that things that are wrong with your mind

I serve as a reminder of all that you’re not
Nothing more than the fights that you fought
All your might, all that’s right, and all you fear
And I will forever be here

I’m the things that you cannot say
I’m the places that you cannot stay
I’m the one that keeps them all straight
I’ve got nothing else to live for anyway

I’ll be around for just as long
I’ll probably do just as much wrong
And hope that someone else comes along
So I can go back to where I belong

There is never going to be enough time
And there are far too few clear signs
To make sure that it turns out all right
But you know that I will keep trying.


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