My Cloud

He is my dark little cloud
He just hovers about
follows me around
Wandering nearby
Wondering why
Wimpering and sighing
Occasionally crying
Just thinking about dying
He’s a dream stealer
A thought reeler
A maker of rain
He’s a general nuisance
But I am so used to him
I can’t help but love him
I can’t help but want him
To reach out and touch him
And I sure can’t out run him
So I let him stick around
I let him hang around
fuck around
While I’m stuck on the ground
Because his angst is so charming
And harmlessly disarming
So very alarming
All right, but so wrong
Like a gangster
A mobster
A scenester, but meaner
Oh, I’ve seen him.
I. have. seen. him.
Besides, I’ve got nothing better
Than to get wetter
and wetter
And we both know it
My faces show it
His expressions grow
And casted
Sometimes I can outlast it
I feel so fucking fantastic!
God damn!
He’s much more than I am
More like a man
Than a cloud
He’s always around
When I need him
When I forget what to believe in
When I forget to keep breathing
And get hopelessly needy
When I’m confused, and believe me
I see things which deceive me
But he straightens me right out
And pours the rain down
Oh God, it’s just laughable
How he’s so unstoppable
That little hopped up
cotton ball all puffed up
And blown up
A white marshmallow dream
In an aerial sea
He means
Far too much to me
To try and fuck him around
Or try to nail him down
He’s my dark, brooding cloud
My sad little clown
Who is never quite sound
But strangely profound
So he just hovers above ground
In circles, spinning around
He ain’t never coming down
And I would not dare ask him.


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