Deserve This


Sugary sweet kisses at night

Seal their truthful lips close to mine

With time, most feelings will intensify

How I want to deserve it


My hopes in this short life

Grew ‘bout a mile and a half wide

With all of this suddenly on my side

Maybe I could to deserve it


Yes, I am full of lion’s pride

Never holding back on purrs nor on sighs

Because I want it to be known exactly why

I think this is worth it


History repeats at least one time

We don’t ever see it and never know why

If we can make it through this dark night

We’ll wonder if we can deserve it


The promises of sunsets and blue skies

Are broken by storms and sunrise

Making me feel so very lonely inside

Does this mean I deserve this?


When pushed, I fell over myself one last time

Scared!, and I finally knew why

Because you’re more than just me, you are mine

And mine don’t ever deserve this


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